2011 MSC in 備北の夏 のドリフト   2 comments

We took our newly acquired Honda ‘Life’ on a test run down to Bihoku Highland for MSC.

660cc’s of awesome. Well, with the rev’s sitting at around 7k at 95km/h, its not so awesome for long trips like this.


I took a bunch of video’s, but haven’t got round to doing anything with them, so here is a bunch of photos of cars in the pits.

Lots of awesome 86’s/86 drivers.

One of the GP-Sports/break cars showed up at lunch time.

Mr. Hiroshima Speedway himself. The car runs a big power SR setup, and he ended up winning the pro class on the day. Super gnarly driver.

326 and G7’s, nearly my favorite car of the day.

But, this car/driver took the cake. The driver was one of the more aggressive drivers there, lots of speed and super fast initiations on entry to the first corner. TD06 SR setup with a interesting 215/275 tyre stagger setup.

Privateer s15 in the pro class, again another really aggressive(read: awesome) driver.

I actually took a fair few photos so I’ll split this up into two posts. More soon.


Posted September 3, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

2 responses to “2011 MSC in 備北の夏 のドリフト

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  1. Nice coverage man! I’d rather read your posts and pics than of speedhunters any day.

  2. Man, I’d love to take a trip out there sometime. Nice pics!

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