Corolla: extended flca   5 comments

It seems that instead of just swapping parts straight from the wagon into the sedan i’m having to remake a lot parts.

The wagon was built as just a cheap car to thrash around, so function won over form.

So i pulled the arms out of the sedan and cut them up.

I extend the arms after the castor arm/swaybar holes as this gives the most clearance at full lock.

Heres the 20mm extension tacked in place.

All welded up.

And all done after a coat of hammerite.





Posted September 5, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Corolla

5 responses to “Corolla: extended flca

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  1. No boxing underneat ?

  2. is that a 195/45/14? nice

  3. You planning on selling some of these mods like you do with the Nissan knuckles

  4. is it allgood if i can widen my flca by 50mm in my mazda luce?

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