2011 MSC in 備北の夏 のドリフト Pt. 2   2 comments

Mid way through one of the triple class sessions, this guy managed to clip the tyre wall on the front straight, sucking him in and flipping the car over. It was pretty rough to watch, the car was super super clean before. The driver seemed to be ok though, the car however..

.. not so flash. I managed to get a clip on my phone, I feel kinda bad putting the video up, but I feel kinda bad showing that photo without a video explanation too. Maybe I’ll take it down later if I still feel bad.

The car dug hard into the track at one point, and ripped a nice fresh pothole into it. The Bihoku track officials are so awesome, they loaded up a little truck and patched the hole up like new in under 10 minutes.

One more car in the pits,

and a video. I took over 6gb of video on my phone, but am too lazy to go through it all. This guys video would be better anyway (enjoy the J-pop).





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2 responses to “2011 MSC in 備北の夏 のドリフト Pt. 2

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  1. thanks for sharing fellas

  2. Is dude really packing asphalt into a pothole with his effing hand?

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