Corolla: Trying to catch up   9 comments

Once again ive been slack with updates on the corolla.

So heres what ive been up to….

The wagon got pretty hot after a few continuous laps of drifting so i decided to redo the cooling system for the sedan.

Grabbed a chinese ae86 alloy radiator and made up some mounts for it….

Joel got me a trust oil cooler kit off yahoo and sent it over.

Mounted up the cooler and oil filter block, then remade the lines so they were nice and tidy.

Ive also finished most of the wiring….. alternator, fuel pump etc.

I’m going to mount the battery in the boot so i moved the fuse box to the side of the engine bay and deleted the external voltage regulator since the 4age alternator is internally regulated.

Also made up this cheesy bracket for the coil.

Just need to get some cable for the main power feed from the battery, then i can fire it up.


Posted September 26, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Corolla

9 responses to “Corolla: Trying to catch up

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  1. is it much of a mission to move the fuse box inside the car? can u shorten the lead legnths? would tidy the bay up bigtime

    • Lead lengths? I didn’t move the fuse box inside as I just want this car to be simple and easy to work on. Going for a factory look with a few bolt on parts.

  2. hey, I tried to look around for an email address. Any chance that you guys have C’s garage stickers for sale?

  3. Can’t wait to see the final product, as your wagon was clean and this looks like it’s going to be 10x better!

    I would really like to have some details on the wiring, as I’m currently doing a carb’d 4ag into my wagon.

  4. Do you have a thermostat in that oil filter plate ?

  5. Dude this is comming along awesome!

  6. Woot!

  7. looks like its going to be the goods, hoping the wagon makes a comeback… recently a clean unrego wagon has come up for next to nothing, was hoping to quickly pick your brain on the rear suspension setup. erodaATiinet dot net dot au.. mainly the rear leaf springs..

  8. More Updates Adam!

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