The Honda ‘Life’   1 comment

Our friend Brad, who was originally based in Fukuoka was heading back to NZ a few months back.  On a trip down he mentioned we could steal his old k-car for cheap cheap if we made the trip up to get it.

So awesome, we were getting pretty tired of driving drift cars everywhere.

Damian and I decided to local train it up to save $70 odd each. The bullet train route would of only taken around 2 hours, but we had time.


7 hours later.. success.


And then the 4 hour drive home at 85km/h on the expressway, the 3cylinder is at around 6000rpm at that speed haha.

The A/C works, and it costs about a dollar to get anywhere, so it’s pretty much the best car ever.

Thank you Brad.


Posted September 28, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

One response to “The Honda ‘Life’

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  1. 85km/h on the expressway, might be really depressing but still don’t beat cheap travel cost!

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