D-Max presents Drift Muscle, Suzuka Twin, August ’11   5 comments

We took the Honda for a trip up to Suzuka to check out the Drift Muscle round being held there on August 19th.
It was pouring down with rain when we woke up, and we were both nursing a pretty bad hang over, so I’m suprised we had the motivation to get out of bed for it, but I’m dam glad we did.

Nakamura’s competition S15 parked up at the D-Max stand.

It turned out to be far more laid back than we expected. The format meant no battles in the lower classes, and more just a free-for-all layout, with the judges watching over. This meant there weren’t many pauses, and always something to watch.
As you can see the track dried up shortly after we got there. Heres the usual bunch of photos from the pits, there were a bunch of pretty interesting NA cars there, so I’ll split that into another post.

First up two super clean 180’s.

Tradition burst/MCR styled s15. A few of the top guys were running 265 RSR’s on the rear which made for some crazy fast driving.


The coolest MR-2 I’ve seen to date.

I’m using a borrowed hand me down Canon something-or-other, and don’t really know anything, but I tried a few action shots, here’s the only two that weren’t super blurry.

I’d go as far to say that these two are two of the best drivers I am likely to see in my lifetime, which is the main reason I was so happy we didn’t stay in bed.

Because if we had, we would have missed this:


Posted October 11, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

5 responses to “D-Max presents Drift Muscle, Suzuka Twin, August ’11

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  1. Amazing, so jealous. Been missing your posts it was worth the wait though !

  2. Rear end crash appears eminent….nope just epic skill.

  3. Pingback: Vlad Sandu

  4. Hi :) Thanks for took a pic of my s15 lol

    I would like ta drift with you. lol

  5. Also you can find me from facebook as well. thanks

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