D-Max presents Drift Muscle, NA Class !   3 comments

Here’s some of the NA stuff from Drift Muscle.

It turns out I didn’t get photos of all the NA class, but I did get some video. Here’s the cars I did photograph:

Yes, this is a drift car. Left hand drive and all.

3 of the Bride AE86’s were there, all very impressive drivers.

When we were looking at this, a lady came over and explained that it was her car, and that he husband had stacked in the session before we got there. She didn’t look to fazed by it all, but kept shooting her husband some pretty harsh looks. Super funny girl.

The blue Altezza in the background of this shot was driving in the NA class too. Bone stock engine, and a really decent driver that drove it just like an AE86.

I didn’t get a proper photo, but I did get video of the NA session.

So here it is:


Posted October 12, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

3 responses to “D-Max presents Drift Muscle, NA Class !

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  1. Love the N/a! so much better than boosted cars-
    the entries are insane too

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