B-West Meihan, July ’11   2 comments

Pretty much the best way to spend my 22nd birthday was to head to a day at Meihan that B-West was organizing.

I was driving, but didn’t manage to get any video of it. Maybe next time.

Since this was a Kansai Allstar qualifying day, a bunch of the top level guys were around. This always makes the downtime between sessions entertaining. I tend to take too many photos, so I’ll just pick a few.

First up: Looking

SR, TD06 and 17’s are things you’d normally associate with a Silvia, and definitely not an AE86. The car does get driven in a very ‘Silvia’ kind of style however.

This is the Tinker WRX, and apparently the driver has been around since the start. JZX100 headlights look so good, wrx wizard.

I remember seeing the D2 motorworks 180sx in a drift tengoku a few years back. The fab work is amazing, probably the best I have seen on a drift car over here so far. The driver is super aggressive too, which makes it awesome to watch.

Someones haggard yellow car..

..and some satin black.

I’ve got some video of the qualifying here on my phone, I’ll chuck it together and get it up soon.


Posted November 13, 2011 by Joel Hedges in Japan

2 responses to “B-West Meihan, July ’11

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  1. more about the tinker WRX please.

  2. Komatsu wasn’t driving the D2 180sx?

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