Back from the dead   10 comments

So i guess one the reasons that this blog seemed to have died was that i got so far behind with posting what i’ve been up to that i just gave up.

I might try do some posts on the corolla, but for now heres what i’ve been up to lately.

I’ve started to get stuck into working on my s14, currently part way through building the rollcage so i’ll just post a bunch of progress pics.


Main hoop bent up

A pillar bar

Holes cut under plates to drop the main hoop down for welding

Front windscreen bar and braces

A pillar boxs

Start of door bars

Dropped the cage down to weld the hard to reach areas

Lifted the cage back up and added the X to the door bars

Rear stays

So this is where im currently at, now i have no excuse to not keep this blog updated more regularly.








Posted February 15, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

10 responses to “Back from the dead

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  1. Thanks for the update Adam! Have been looking forward to seeing some build pics of this and the corolla for ages. The cage looks amazing

  2. I pretty much agree with @4dori, it looks really great! Keep posting, it’s been really quiet the last months, but it’s great to have you back, Adam!

  3. Looks sweet. I like how you removed the metal that separates the trunk and cabin, almost didn’t recognize it was the s14. Was that difficult to do?

  4. Good to see an update… keep checking and nothing for so long 😛 Slacka 😀

    PS. Pm’d you on FB just before seeing your update 😀 ahaha nice work dude!

  5. I check your blog everyday for updates, today was a good day.

  6. Awwww shiz…. I’ve been feeling a little foolish lately cause I check this page almost everyday haha! Welcome back

  7. Yay an update! Cage looks crazy, thought it was a 180 when I saw the first pic, I’d love to get that plating that separates cabin from boot out of my car.

    Keep the posts coming

  8. I nearly closed out of your page thinking there would be nothing new, I had to look twice, good to see your still at it

  9. Reblogged this on EvoVIII808’s Blog and commented:
    C’s Garage Is Back!!!

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