Rollcage cont.   8 comments

With the front half of the cage mostly done i moved on to the rear section.


Rear stays, harness bar and the “x” bars all done

The diagonal tubes were quiet tricky to do, each end has a double notch.

The next bars that im working on tie the rear stays to the bottom of the main hoop.



Posted February 19, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

8 responses to “Rollcage cont.

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  1. Some really beautiful fab work going on, any plans to tie the cage through firewall onto the front sus towers?

  2. Looks amazing! Good work.

  3. for the rear x-bar, at the double notch did you notch one tube twice or did you noth them both together?

    by that i mean is the bar that runs perpendicular notched once, whereas the bar that runs diagnol notched for that joint

    or are both of those notched and that area hollow?

    it’s kinda hard to explain what i mean so excuse me if it is rather confusing

  4. This is beefy! Is this to regulation or are you adding pieces for structure and safety?

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