Rollcage cont. 3   7 comments

I got some more work done on the cage over the weekend.

The tube work is now complete, minus the bars through the firewall to the strut towers which is my next job.

I’ve spent hours on the tig and finally the cage is all welded together and the base plates/boxs welded to the body.

View of the rear section with the “floor bar” added


Made up a couple of these gussets to tie the floor bar to the body

View front the front showing the A pillar gussets

I’m now part way through making these gussets for the door bars

One down, three to go


Posted February 26, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

7 responses to “Rollcage cont. 3

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  1. Swt! You got a bit more done once I left ;P

  2. Sick work man!

  3. sick as always!

  4. Wow, if you move to Aus you must do cages for people. Nice stuff!

  5. Reblogged this on EvoVIII808's Blog.

  6. Looking super mint.

  7. How are you making those dimples in the gussets ??

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