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So i finished making the last three gussets for the door bars and have got them about 50% welded in.

Then I kind of got distracted with my next job, mounting the front air jacks.

I wanted to get the front jacks in place before i welded in the rollcage tubes that pass through the firewall to the front strut towers.

The reason for this was that it would give me more room to work with up in the front footwell area where the jacks are going to be mounted.

Heres a run down on some of the work involved in mounting the front jacks:

First up i marked and cut out the area of sheetmetal that needed to be removed.

Both the outer and inner sill were cut out to make room for the jack.

Capped off the inner sill to retain its strength.

Bent some 16gauge sheetmetal around a piece of 4″ pipe and checked how it fit.

Welded a top piece on.

Trimmed to fit, welded in, then cut some mounts for the jacks and tacked them in place.

Tucks up nicely behind the front guard, will just have to cut a hole for the jack to pass through when aired up.

I’m going to weld a tube between the two mounting plates for strength. The jack will have two collars above the top plate and two below the lower plate, not sandwiching the plate like it is in the pictures. I’m having a hard time finding some 2.75″ thin wall tube in NZ, seems as though the sizes jump from 2.5″ to 3″. Might have to look at getting some shipped from America.


Posted March 4, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

12 responses to “Rollcage/air jacks

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  1. wow, to good!

  2. Out of all build I follow with impatience to see the final results, yours and Nigel Petrie one are the most impressive and exciting ones!

  3. Holy shit. Nice work man!

  4. That is some amazing work, thanks for documenting it.

  5. I can’ wait for air jack videos

  6. I have a commercial account with a metal yard here in the US. Hit me up if you’re having trouble finding what you need.

  7. unreal. good work !

  8. Nice work!! This thing will be sick as fuck when done.
    This blog also needs moar ‘rolla!

  9. Wowzers, looks great! This build entered a new realm of awesome!

  10. That is so sweet, air jacks are going to be the new craze this year..

  11. Reblogged this on EvoVIII808's Blog and commented:
    This is such great work. It deserves a reblog!

  12. Awesome

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