Rollcage done!   5 comments

The last part of the rollcage that needed doing was the bars running through to the front strut towers.

I cut out some plates to weld to the towers.

Drilled some holes through the firewall and fit the tubes

And then to finish them off i welded in another short tube to add some strength.

With the cage pretty much all done one of the next jobs is the seat mounts. I sat my drivers seat in the car for some motivation.

Its a Bride Gardis III, Joel got it for me in japan and our old man brought it back on one of his trips.

For the passenger seat I’ll probably go with a zeta III in black to match. Hopefully a 2nd hand one in NZ will pop up for sale at some point.

Next post i will go through how im going to mount the seats.


Posted March 13, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “Rollcage done!

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  1. so you mean they’re not going to be mounted on pillows?

  2. Very nice work on the cage! Was it hard to get the holes lined up for the front tubes?

  3. excuse my ignorance, but with the bars running forward to the strut towers do they get a bead of weld where they pass thru the firewall? i would assume they do but it looks like a bit of a prick in by the rear inner guard

    • I’m not going to bother welding the bars to the firewall. It would be a mission welding the thin sheet-metal to the thick wall tube. Most cages that i looked at before starting to work on mine weren’t welded there either.

  4. BTW awesome work with all the airjack system and the whole cage setup

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