Catch UP 5   3 comments

A bunch of friends parked up at Family Mart after Meihan.

A friends C35 laurel, and his friend in her underwear showing us Japanese fireworks. Best country in the WORLD.

I think this is from Drift Muscle Suzuka, loads of photos on my camera that I’ll get round to soon.

Damo spotted the 24 HOT MENU..

.. and eyed up the Takoyaki. Looks dam good.. and only 350 yen!


Hahahahaha, maybe the worst thing I’ve ever eaten… and seriously, takoyaki is normally awesome. Never again 24 HOT MENU.. never again.

I didn’t want to waste time posting non-car photos because I’d be here all year, but that takoyaki made me laugh.



Posted March 15, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

3 responses to “Catch UP 5

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  1. What’s up with the super long parking spaces?

    • For all the trucks. A lot of truck guys sleep in there trucks at convenience stores so there’s always a lot of parking space.


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