Rear jack mounts and passenger floor   5 comments

Finished up the rear jack mounts. They run through the chassis rail (if you can call it that on a s14) and are braced to the cage.

I decided to weld another layer of sheetmetal to the underside for strength, as this is the area that will take the main force from the jack lifting the car.

Next i moved onto the passenger side seat rail. On this side of the floor there is a big hump where the stock cat converter usually lives.

I decided to cut this out so i could mount the seat at the same height/position as the drivers side.

Now to fill the hole in with new sheetmetal.

The tunnel tapered in a few different spots so i decided it would be easiest to fill the hole in with 4 separate pieces of metal.

Now thats pretty much all done i can start on the seat mount.


Posted April 3, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam

5 responses to “Rear jack mounts and passenger floor

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  1. Amazing work my man!! Looking forward to some updates on the ke70 also please?

  2. Damn man skillz!!! Hard im keen on ke70 updates too =D

  3. That looks 400000 times better than my hammered down version haha

  4. We need more posts! I can tell this will turn out mean, pics pics pics please!!!

  5. I hate that bump in the passenger side well thanks for killing one for me!!!!!!

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