180sx Catch Up – Bihoku Part 1   Leave a comment

I’m back in NZ now so time to catch up.

Obviously, I switched to the black Skyline after the yellow 180sx. But I was so slack at updating that I never got to post much about my travel’s with the 180sx. So I’ll start getting the blog up to speed.

I ended up doing so many Meihan day’s that I lost track of what day was what and when and where. So instead of writing about each day individually, I’ve just found a few photo’s and video’s to catch up to the demise of the 180sx.

I got the car looking like this, and driving pretty nicely with the t28, tune, Billspeer knuckles etc.

My first venture is to Bihoku Highland in Okayama. That morning I found out that I forgot to pay my cellphone bill, which meant no 3G, and no google maps. So the 4 hour drive became quiet interesting.

I finally managed to make it to Bihoku after a few wrong turns and the Australian crew of Shane, Erin and Tom where already down there ready to go. After watching countless option video’s of Bihoku (or should I say countless crashes), it was a lot different to how I imagined it. The first corner is a lot longer than Meihan, and the front straight allowed a lot more speed. I need to go back with a higher diff ratio and more power next

This guy was testing his Evo in the morning. He was some kind of local grip class champion, It’s too long ago now for me to remember. The car was really well built, TD06 and all.

We had the whole circuit to ourselves… both circuits.

There are two tracks at Bihoku, the first is the main track, where you see the majority of the gnarly stacks in the old doriten videos. The second is a super fun tight track with lots of elevation changes. Such an awesome place.

Shane was driving his beater R33.

Erin was in his S14. Check out the rear guards. Genuine metal R33 GTR guards molded in.

And tom was driving a c33 borrowed from Shane. It had a pair of old 215 triangles on the front and was pretty stock, so I was pretty impressed Tom could drive it as hard as he did. I’ve forgotten what was going on in this photo, but wheel isn’t attached obviously.

Here’s a quick video of Shane, Tom and I. Neither Shane’s nor Tom’s cars were particularly setup, which lead to a funny as hell day.

I’ve got a few more photo’s and video that I’ll get up soon.

Posted June 21, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

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