Jesse at Meihan   6 comments

I’m not sure I mentioned it, but I was living with Jesse Streeter for my years stay in Osaka.

Here’s a video that Laurance put together from my last visit to Meihan of Jesse driving his “2nd” car. The S14 lacks alot of grip compared to his S13, but apparently this is going to change soon. A R33 gearbox setup is going in this car too, allowing for big rear tyres etc.

I’m already missing these days bad.


Posted June 29, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

6 responses to “Jesse at Meihan

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  1. Damn. This vid makes me want to rebuild my S14.

  2. Has he still got the s13 ? Loving all posts about your time in japan man looks so cool and just from watching your old videos you can see how much the extra seat time has improved your driving its crazy. Did you learn much of the language before you went ?

  3. (03july2012) I’m American living in Yokosuka, Japan. I weekend drift my r32 GTR and hit up ebisu once or twice a year for their matsuri. I just wanted to say your 32 is beautiful. I was curious to find out what front bumper your using? My wife also drives a r32 type m. Are you using the rb20? It seems to have nice power. I have read all of your previous post about your fabrications and your s13, but you haven’t talked about how you came across the r32 and why you started using it, or the setup of the car. Thank you

    • Hi Shane, sorry for the late reply. I’ll be putting up some info about the R32 as soon as I have sifted through all this Japan footage. But to quickly answer your questions. The front bumper is the lower half of a Serena bumper, grafted onto the upper half of a normal R32 bumper. This car just had a pretty much stock SR20DET running stock boost. I’ll update more soon. Cheers!

  4. Nice driving.

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