Friday, July 8th , 2011   5 comments

I’m finally starting to go through my photos/video from the past year.

First up, my late 180sx.
Now squashed into cube sitting at a scrap metal dealers I’d imagine.

If I remember correctly, this was just after I fitted the rebuilt rear panasports. It was the first time the yellow car ever got washed, as it’s  always tricky washing a car on the tight Japanese streets without getting in the neighbours way. After the wash I took a few photos while getting fuel for the trip to Meihan the next day.


Posted August 8, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

5 responses to “Friday, July 8th , 2011

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  1. So jealous! I was there only for three weeks but failed hard core at finding some drifting.

  2. why swashed into a cube??

    • Had a pretty hard front end hit at Meihan, spent a few weeks pulling out/fixing, then first drive ran a bearing. On top of that registration was due, so it wasn’t worth me re-registering a bent shell, so I parted out the 180sx, and picked up the skyline.

  3. What did you ever do with all the panas?

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