Bihoku Highland MSC – ITO’s GP SPORTS 180SX   5 comments

Sunday, July 10th, 2011.

This was one of the hottest days of the whole year. While everyone sits on the hill roasting in the sun, the MSC judges get to sit in the nice and cool viewing building.

Just as we were driving out during the lunch break to get more water and food, Ito’s GP Sports 180sx’s turned up. I stopped and took a few quick pictures.

The car was driven to the event. I love how its so possible to have a road driven drift car in Japan. Since getting back to NZ, I really miss the early morning express way runs to the track.

And one quick shot of a lone Corolla during qualifying. This photos shows most of Bihoku’s main circuit, which was definitely my second favorite track after driving it.

Posted August 14, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

5 responses to “Bihoku Highland MSC – ITO’s GP SPORTS 180SX

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  1. I miss those morning drives to the track too!
    And I agree, Bihoku was one of my fav places…did you ever get to Ebisu?

    • I managed to get down to Bihoku 3 times, but never got up to Ebisu! I know I should have, but the cost of transport, and the impact of the car breaking just made me stick to Meihan most of the time (nice and close, only 50minutes away from Jesses). Hopefully I’ll get to drive Ebisu one day. I really want to go down to Hiroshima and drive Tamada + Hiroshima speedway at some point too.

  2. I really WISH they did a PS13 GP Sports Kit like that 😦

  3. Ive seen those pictures you posted of that red 180sx about a year ago.

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