Bihoku MSC – Takesi Shinkawa and FRONTIER   Leave a comment

Sunday, July 10th, 2011.

Shinkawa-san is a driver I always love to watch, always having some of the most aggressive entries and driving of the day.

“326POWER@FRONTIER” as they were named on the MSC entry list made the hike up from Hiroshima for this MSC round at Bihoku. Shinkawa-san (facelift S14) and two friends entered the triple class competition, as well as competing individually.

Shinkawa-san’s S14 ran one of the best sounding SR setups I heard whilst in Japan. Probably thanks to the TD06 and an old style greddy manifold. He currently runs a pale blue 326 kitted S14 which you will find in almost any video from the local Hiroshima circuit Tamada.

During this time I was running some Pansport G7’s on my yellow 180sx. Also 326 has always been one of my favorite bodykits, so needless to say I was pretty excited to see this car.

I have some video from these guys runs which I will try get up soon.


Posted August 20, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

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