Bihoku Highland MSC – Final look   Leave a comment

Sorry for such a large number of posts about one event, but I seemed to take a lot more photos at this even than anywhere else. Must have been due to my fresh-off-the-boat-ness.

The video I’ve been meaning to finish editing and upload (soon), shows the orange Dride 180sx that I posted earlier on, barrel rolling down the straight after clipping the tyres during the triple competition. Here’s two shots of Nomuken and Utsumi helping the Bihoku owner fix the potholes the impact created.

The owner of Bihoku (towel on his head) is awesome, and really loves his track. He had this little kei truck pre-loaded for tarmac repairing, complete with his own compactor (roll overs at Bihoku happen regularly as you can tell by the many doriten videos).

A few more cars from the pits; Team “Burnout”.

Nice Origin’d out Skyline.

The R.Y.O. guys heading down the front straight during the triple competition,

and finally, this s13 parked up at parking area that we came across on the way home. Gare naru is actually a porsche garage, but apparently have a side hobbie in drifting. This guy was at Meihan nearly every-time I went down, and it definitely reflected on his driving.

That’s all for Bihoku MSC, I’ll get that video up quick smart.



Posted September 6, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

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