Team D-MAX @ Suzuka Twin Drift Muscle   Leave a comment


Here’s a few photos of the D-MAX guys during the Suzuka Twin round of Drift Muscle.


Nakamura and Yokoi parked up in the pits. Turning up to see Burst and Mind Control parked up was pretty exciting to say the least.

D-Max had a stand showcasing some of their parts, which also had Nakamura’s ex-D1GP S15 parked up. Yokoi now runs this car in D1GP.

Another now D1GP driver is Seimi Tanaka who drives this white S13. Yokoi, Nakaura and Tanaka are my 3 of my favorite drivers, so again it was a pretty amazing day.

Spares and tools.

Tsuji Akira’s S15. I met Tsuji a bunch of times, so I’ll post up more of his cars later.

And although not a D-Max car, here’s one last shot of the Mind Control S15.

I thought I’d re-post this video from my phone as well. Best driving ever.





Posted September 12, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

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