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Looking is a small paint/body shop based in Osaka, run by Asayan & Hitomi. I never though I’d see Asayan’s AE86 in the flesh, but since they seem love drifting more than anyone, nearly every local event I’d go to would have Asayan and Hitomi sitting in the pits.

Looking’s does some amazing body work & paint, and their attention to detail is crazy. Their 3 demo RX7’s really show this, which I will post photo’s of later on.

Their engine building & fab skill is pretty amazing too.

Hitomi runs monthly drift days called HitomiGO at both Meihan & Suzuka Twin, and she can usually be seen drifting her blue 326 kitted 180sx which wasn’t at this day. HitomiGO days were by far the best days as the best local drivers would attend religiously. During my time in Osaka, HitomiGO at Meihan were the days Jesse and I tried never to miss.

Even though I didn’t like all aspects of their S13, this paint work was just too awesome.

You can follow Hitomi’s blog here. I have plenty more photo’s & video of all the Looking cars, which I will post up when I get to them.


Posted September 26, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan

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