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Our new 555 KNUCKLE setup is finally for sale.

Available for S13, S14/15, A31, C33, C34, & C35.

We decided to create the super short knuckle design after being at Meihan Sportsland, Bihoku and other tracks around Japan. After watching the top guys driving over there and taking aspects of there setups, we started designing and testing the 555 knuckle. After over a year of testing in Japan and back here in NZ, we are more than happy with our final design. The new shortness and design of the knuckle lets you make the car change direction faster which is vital when doing fast snappy driving and entries, while also having a drastically increased amount of steering lock compared with all other designs we’ve ever tested or produced.

The 555 lower arms are lengthened 25mm longer than a stock S14 lower arms length. This gives more inner wheel clearance (for big steering lock), while also widening the track and giving the ability to run more camber. Plus it doesn’t negatively effect your scrub radius like 25mm of wheel spacers would. We also scallop the lower arm to allow the knuckle to travel into the arm for even more lock and then add an adjustable lock stop so you can fine tune the steering lock to suit your wheel setup. The arms are then gusseted and both knuckles and arms painted silver to finish.

We highly recommend our engine cross-member steering rack relocation to get the most out of the setup. This allows you to get far more lock than the standard rack location allows due to avoiding the tie rod over centering. This relocation eliminates the dead steering feel at full lock that is experienced with a lot of other setups.

The price for the 555 Knuckle setup is (knuckles and lower arms) is $400

Modification is done to your factory parts.

Email: joel@csgarage.com for orders and inquiries.


Posted October 8, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Adam, Joel

3 responses to “555 KNUCKLE

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  1. nice job guys! it looks great

  2. Reblogged this on Taupaki.

  3. how much angle are you getting with this? it looks like alot, also is there any roll center corection? because it dosnt look like there is, all inall it looks very nice

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