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On a sunny Wednesday last September, Jesse and I set off for a mid-week day at Meihan. I’d spent that Monday down at Bihoku, with Shane, Erin and Tom. Erin and Tom were over on a driving holiday from Australia, and we were all trying to get as much driving in as we could before they had to leave for the airport that afternoon.

Jesse brought along both his S13 and his Carry van lugging the tools/wheels. Erin was driving his black S14 that Shane had built up while he was gone, while Shane was testing his freshly built R33.

I didn’t get to drive much with Jesse in his S13 towards the end of my trip due a lack of  registration, so looking back on these summer photos brings back some good memories.

All of our cars went flawlessly on the trip to Bihoku and we managed to get loads of track time in, being the only ones at the track on a Monday.

Anyway, getting onto the point of this post. I got in a few drama free sessions in the morning, but first run after lunch, well…. this happened:

By tapping the rear on the wall far to hard it straightened me up into the far end wall. Somehow I managed to damaged pretty much every corner of the car. The front drivers corner received the most damage, as it took the brunt of the impact. The radiator support section was pushed up, and the impact managed to shift the strut tower back a few cm’s. If it wasn’t for Shane, I would have been spending the night there. But Shane grabbed his Skyline, a tow rope and a big hammer, and with his help we managed to pull the front of the car out to the state you can see above. It’s hard to believe, but I made the 1 hour journey home without drama, taped up intercooler pipes and all. The car still drove surprisingly straight after a quick adjustment of the castor arm to offset the shifted strut tower.

Both rear corners were looking a bit worse for wear, but Shane still convinced me that we could get it looking straight-ish once again.

More on that later.




Posted October 16, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

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  1. Everyone has to pay their dues. Respect for Drifting your car like its supposed to be done!

    /Micke –

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