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One sunny afternoon after the crash, I took the car down to Shane’s workshop so he could work his magic on the rear panels. First of all we stopped by the local hardware store and picked up a sledge hammer and some wood.

I stripped the rear down and it wasn’t looking very flash at all. With it now about half a meter narrower, the rear hatch, taillights and obviously the rear bumper weren’t finding it very easy to fit at all.

After a solid afternoon/evenings hammering, we managed to get everything lining up pretty good again.

I was amazed how the rear fenders came out, some bog, or a pair of overs and it would have been back to normal.

The front took quite a lot of pulling to get it anywhere near back to normal, but after a few snapped strops and some borrowed front guards from Shane it was good to go. The drivers strut tower was still pushed back pretty far, but with some corrections to the castor to make up for it, it seemed to drive ok.

What better way to test the repairs than a late night run to the mountains.

I don’t think I’ve ever put up a photo of Shane’s rear engine Honda Vamos.

Apparently this thing was off the road for quite a while before I arrived, with Shane doing loads of suspension/wheel/body work, and swapping in an 660cc Honda Beat engine. The Beat engine comes with individual throttles, which made some pretty hilarious  sounds as the van flew by you on the expressway. With the rear seats stripped out and Shane installing a flat wood floor setup, it was the perfect support vehicle.

Easily my favorite van of the whole stay.

I can’t thank Shane enough for his help. The 180sx seemed to drive well enough that night, and I was pretty excited to have it all in one piece again.

Posted October 30, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

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