180sx Resurrection – Part 2.   1 comment

I had been collecting body parts for a while and was trying to hold off fitting them until they were all collected and ready for paint.

But after going through the effort of getting the car mildly straight again, I decided to fit up what I had to get a look at how it was coming together. So far I had the 326 power rear bumper, side steps and an early URAS front bumper.

Even though the drivers side strut tower had shift quite a bit, it still drove ok with a bit of castor tweaking. We also managed to get the majority of the panels lined up good enough to be seen from the side of the track, so I was happy.

The initial plan was to collect a few more parts, then spray the whole thing white. I had always wanted a 180sx and it finally was getting close to what I’d wanted.

But alas, my future plans were not meant to be. A few problems meant that this shell was soon parted out in favor of a new car. This ended up being the best the car ever looked, so I’m glad I took the time out to wash it for once and take these photos. I’ll go into more depth on the rest of the cars life soon.

Posted November 14, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

One response to “180sx Resurrection – Part 2.

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  1. Odd question, but do you guys still have the diff set up out of your ke70 wagon?

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