Goodbye 180sx   4 comments

I was pretty happy with the car after all the work getting it back to a driveable state again after the crash at Meihan. It was starting to look ok and still drove decently, despite the twisted chassis.

After testing the car one night in the mountains with some friends, I was stoked with how the car was driving (4/5 car touge runs were beyond fun). The next trip out wasn’t so successful however. After a few runs the engine developed a knock. The oil was full and wasn’t hot, but I always knew this motor was tired as hell, and was just happy it got me this far. The car was nearly out of registration and I was now left with two options; fork out the extremely expensive shakken fee (registration) and chuck in a replacement SR – which I didn’t really want to do on a bent shell, or part the car out and start again on another car. It just so happened that my flat mate was selling his r32 couple that we had been slowly building for the past few months, so I took the logical option and started stripping the 180sx to gain some money to put towards the skyline.

These are the last photos I took of the 180sx looking complete before I pulled it apart. I was definitely going to miss this car.


The two cars parked up next to each other in our parking area.


Parting out a car in a car park was never going to be a fun job, and it was made even less enjoyable by the fact that I had to keep the shell rolling so that we could roll it to a position that the tow truck could get to it.


I had a lot of fun learning to drive in this car. I spent more late nights and hot track days driving it than I can remember.

Posted December 7, 2012 by Joel Hedges in Japan, Joel

4 responses to “Goodbye 180sx

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  1. i know its a long shot but planning on selling the Panasports? or keeping for the R32?

  2. What wheel is that in the trunk?

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