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While I was in the carless period between the death of the 180sx and building the Skyline, I still made the trek out to Meihan a bunch of times to see what I was missing.

Every now and then at Meihan, a crew of around 10 old Toyota guys would turn up and completely dominate a particular group. The sessions would comprise of at least 10 of these old Toyota’s (mostly AE’s) doing what ever they wanted really. No helmets, no seat belts, stopping mid session and starting to drive the track in reverse, flipping each other off and throwing things from car to car was the norm.


I didn’t take enough photos at this day, but they attended loads of days later on in my trip, so I’ll dig out some video of the mayhem.


All the cars were 4-AGE, had straight pipes with no mufflers and hurt your ears if you were anywhere near the track. It sucked.


When their session was called, and the 4-AGEs started firing up everyone would stop talking (there was no use trying) and just kind of wait round until they would get off the track, so everyone could conversate like normal again.


This brown notch was my favorite by far. Not the best driver of the lot, by easily the best looking car.




Posted January 16, 2013 by Joel Hedges in Japan

One response to “AE86’s @ White Rabbits

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  1. Would be so rad to see these crazy dudes in person!

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