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Posted July 25, 2012 by Joel Hedges

13 responses to “555 KNUCKLE

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  1. i need a set of these!!!!! how do they differ from the bilspear knuckles are they just a modified version of them or a completely different jig altogether?

  2. Do you sell after market r32 knuckles, pls email back. Thanks

  3. Hi there do you have a contact number i could txt about the knuckles?

  4. how much steering angle do these get ?

  5. What is the shipping cost to get them shipped from the US to NZ and back. I really like your knuckle setup

  6. Hey Brad, to send a set of lower arms/knuckles to the US from NZ is $180nz, not sure on how much for you to send them here. Cheers.

  7. Approximately $150

  8. How much shipped to US 22192, I can’t wait to have these on my car.

    • Its a swap over service Felix, so you send us your knuckles/lca’s, we modify then send back. Normally shipping to the US is just under $180NZ.

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