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WE HAVE MOVED!   Leave a comment

We have shifted the blog to a new address:

Please update your readers, bookmarks, address bars etc. to the link above.

Also, we have updated to a slightly better home page: which now features our full range of products on offer.

See you there.

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Bihoku Higland MSC – Motor Shop H.D.O. Celica   1 comment


Sunday, July 10th, 2011.

Hideo Itakura’s RA28 Celica. An awesome car and an even more awesome driver.

The high power SR, big grip R1R’s all round and a small wheelbase, leads to some of the most snappy driving I have seen:



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Entry Comp !   Leave a comment

Limited to 15 cars! !

$110 for drivers (2 pit crew per driver.)

Drifting from 9am till 4pm.

The day will cater for beginner to advanced drivers.

Starting out with figure of eights, manji practice, and a mini course. The end of the day will consist of open track.

The entry competition consists of a few judges watching the afternoons open session, giving advice and feedback as it goes. Then at the end of the day, awards/prizes will be given.

If you decide to take part, the entry will consist of an initiation onto the wall then round a hairpin and up the return road.

If you don’t decide to enter, just drift the open session manji style like normal.

Free BBQ at the end of the day.

Awards for Best entry (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Best NA entry, Most Improved etc.

Contact Mike for entries/payment:

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Billspeer Hyper Steering FC3S!   2 comments

A quick clip of local D1 driver Andrew Redward running our FC3S knuckle at last years Pukekohe round.

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Catch UP 3   2 comments

I lost count very early on with how many tyres I’ve gone through. I love this place.

My friend Damian finally got Shaken (registration) on his R32:

I forgot to mention, I haven’t even started going through the photos from my camera, let alone video. This is just all odd shots from my phone. I’ll get to the camera stuff after I’m up to date with the all this.



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Supermade & B-West   Leave a comment

I tagged along with Jesse while he did his regular pick up from a bunch of shops. Here’s a few photos, Supermade first:

A crazy wide civic Yoshida-san was working on.

The Gloria tucked away. Always loved this car.

And a ‘mighty boy’ kitted demo car.

B-West is the garage of super classic drifter Kazuya Bai (Chunky Bai)

Jesse’s car was there getting a new head gasket and tune.

Bai-sans “full carbon”/vinyl D1 180sx,

and an R33.

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2011 MSC in 備北の夏 のドリフト Pt. 2   2 comments

Mid way through one of the triple class sessions, this guy managed to clip the tyre wall on the front straight, sucking him in and flipping the car over. It was pretty rough to watch, the car was super super clean before. The driver seemed to be ok though, the car however..

.. not so flash. I managed to get a clip on my phone, I feel kinda bad putting the video up, but I feel kinda bad showing that photo without a video explanation too. Maybe I’ll take it down later if I still feel bad.

The car dug hard into the track at one point, and ripped a nice fresh pothole into it. The Bihoku track officials are so awesome, they loaded up a little truck and patched the hole up like new in under 10 minutes.

One more car in the pits,

and a video. I took over 6gb of video on my phone, but am too lazy to go through it all. This guys video would be better anyway (enjoy the J-pop).




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Hyper Steering   8 comments

The Billspeer line up so far:

Silvia S13, S14, S15, C33 Laurel & A31 Cefiro (lower arms pictured above).

JZX90, JZX100 & JZX110

AE/KE70, AE85 & AE86 (The jig can be adapted to suit most older Toyota’s as well.)

FC3S – Local D1NZ driver Andrew Redwood running Billspeer at round 5


R32 coming soon…

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Knuckle Fest   1 comment

Getting ready for last weekend.

Silvia, AE86/Corolla and JZX Billspeer, all finished up and ready for paint.

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Container Update   7 comments

Ewans been hard at work.

Heres all the parts ready to go. Looks like its going to be a bit of a squeeze.

Our Silvia packed to the windows.

Stringing the car up is awesome.

Finished and ready to go.

Again, a huge thanks to Ewan for all his work, and as of March 30th the container has been cleared and is on its way to NZ. ETA is early May, so not too far now.

Ewans always collecting parts to EMS or for the next container. Check here for more.

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