Silvia Rack Relocation   17 comments

We have moved!!!

Posted August 23, 2010 by Joel Hedges

17 responses to “Silvia Rack Relocation

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  1. Just wondering how this is done? tearing out the front suspension this winter so why not? also, can i get a paint code for Adam’s 180SX? love the color, thats the direction id like to go. thanks.

  2. I’d like to know the price of this mod. THanks!

  3. That is really reasonably priced! I have done this mod to my 180 and it work really well. Quite a bit of mucking around though to figure out the best place for the rack. Good on you guys for offering this!!

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  5. Hey guys, would you be able to do this to the skylines as well?? i have a r32 and was looking at this done if it is possible??

  6. ive just gta new drift kar s13 with rb20det goin in it how much to do mod to ths xmember?
    and would you be abil to do a deal on tha x member and lower arms and knuckles

  7. Hey Adam,

    After doing this modification, how does power steering lines line up?

    Do I need to bend them slightly to fit?


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  9. Did you need to modify the steering column bush to reach?

  10. Do you have an e-mail?

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