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Started prep for my car a few weeks ago,
fully striped everything off it (including gaurds, doors etc.).
Got this old shipping container that came with the house when
my parents brought it, converted it into a little booth with some
paper and wire to hang parts on, turned out mint.
Prep all finished and started to spray last weekend.


The colours “champion yellow” off the new Suzuki swifts,
we were planning on running some rainbow flake over it
but after test spraying the wing, decided it looked like shit,
when the sun didnt hit the flake its just looked wrong.
decided to change plans and add some pearl to the yellow,
don’t think adam enjoyed respraying the majority of the parts
Kicked mum’s car out of our garage, covered everything in blankets
and masked up the car

Posted November 20, 2008 by Joel Hedges in Uncategorized

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